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Арматура  А500              Ф16        530кг                                                                                                         Арматура  А500С      Ф18        3350кг                                                                                                                    Арматура   А1гл        Ф18        1530кг                                                                                                               Арматура  А1гл               Ф20        2600кг                                                                                                                  Арматура  А500            Ф20                6870кг                                                                                                             Арматура   А500                Ф20        285кг                                                                                                                  Арматура  А500С            Ф25        21678кг                                                                                                               Арматура  А500             Ф32                585кг                                                                                                              Арматура А500С Ф32        7017кг                                                                                                             Арматура 25Г2С              Ф32        10630кг                                                                                                    Арматура 25Г2С        Ф32                26145кг                                                                                                          Арматура 25Г2С Ф32        17085кг                                                                                                         Арматура 25Г2С              Ф36        105011кг                                                                                                                 Арматура 25Г2С        Ф40                25250кг                                                                                                                Арматура А500С          Ф40        27352кг


С Уважением  к Вам и Вашему Бизнесу.                                                                                                                  Роман                                                                                                                                                                                    тел.:  +7 (968) 037 15-84                                                                                                                                            mail.: 9918798@mail.ru

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